Thursday, June 10, 2010

Change, and why it's good

So I thought to myself "Nipah... wait, why are you talking to yourself?"... then I thought "Ya know, while playing WoW is fun and all, I'd also like to show people what else I love about the game besides hitting things in the face with an axe or lightning...".

So here we have it...
We Let Our Toes Wiggle (aka. Troll's don't need no boots!). For my first posts, I'll toss out a generalized view of why change does not suck. So without further ado:

Change, and why it's good

It's happened to everyone.
You've been playing a game for a while, leveling up, increasing your crafting, looting new and shiny weapons. Suddenly, it's patch day, and everything changes. Your class is nothing like it used to be. They changed X instead of Y, and now you're useless! Change is horrible!

Change, however, is not horrible. Change is the on
e thing that keeps a game fresh. Whether it's class tweaks, new content, or simply a few bug fixes, changes in an MMORPG are what you're paying the monthly fee for. How fun would a game be if it was the same old problems, day in, day out? Have you been getting your butt kicked sideways by another class using an "overpowered" ability? Tough luck Nancy, you had better suck it up, because no change is coming. Maybe you've been trying to complete a quest, only to have one of the NPCs bug out randomly, and charge face first into the nearest group of hostile monsters? Well that's just too bad Hoss, because no change is coming.

So yes, change is good. Change is good when it effects things you see as "wrong" and "broken". However, it's not good when it effects something you're taking advantage of? Well now, there is the stickler. In a perfect MMORPG, change will be like Justice, blind and impartial, swinging it's blade and righting wrongs swiftly and fairly. Sweeping changes to a class/quest/etc will come about not because of developer bias, but due to a need to fix what is broken or wrong. And for the most part, the major developers in the MMORPG world treat change just like this. Granted, it's not always this cut and dry, and there will come times when changes come down from above like laws from an insane king. One class will see preferential treatment while another class lies by the side, broken and bleeding players away to the latest fad of the month class.

But change is good, even when it hurts your character. Why, you might ask, as you turn your face to the skies and wipe the tears from your eyes. Because no change is permanent. Nothing in an MMORPG lasts forever. Don't let anything in an MMORPG take away from the fun you get while playing it, changing what was once an enjoyable hobby into a boring/tedious task... only
then is change bad.

- Nipah

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