Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghostcrawler Interview

A nice little fluff interview with everyone's favorite Blue poster Ghostcrawler over on

The interview covers various points, such as making professions more desirable while leveling (instead of being a case of "I only did it for the ring enchants!") and cross-account achievements (a pipe dream that GC apparently also harbors!).

Head on over to for the entire thing!

In other WoW type "holy crap, you might have already read this" news, (by way of has some breaking news on the latest dirt concerning the Cataclysm expansion. It talks about the removal of the Path of the Titans feature (a bit of a downer), the tweaking of the Guild Leveling system, and the various day 1 raids to make the launch when the expac comes out (Which has been labeled as "Soon®")

Keep your eyes open everyone... the closer it gets to the expac, the more tender morsels of new info will seep out.

- Nipah

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